une belle matinée

Happy Anniversary everyone! Or should I say, “Joyeux anniversaire, tout le monde”? How can I be making a post, you may be asking yourself, with me being in a FOREIGN LAND, in a different province and time zone, with LIMITED ACCESS to wifi?

You don’t think I’d let these minor inconveniences prevent me from celebrating our anniversary, would you? Not your ol’ champ. No way. (Also, there is this thing where you can pre-schedule blog posts, I just discovered, so this is a bit of an experiment to see if it will actually work next week).

Truth be told, I haven’t quite left on this trip for Quebec yet, so I can’t tell you if I’ve tracked down Bonhomme, eaten poutine until I’ve made my tummy sore, or created an interprovincial incident by “trying out my French” on a local and getting punched in the nose for saying something the wrong way. I hope to do two of those things, but will probably end up doing all three before the week is out.

This whole “prescheduling” business is pretty great if it works. I can give the illusion that I’ve found a nice little coffee shop in the shadow of Chateau Frontenac, overlooking the Plains of Abraham, and I’m sipping a Americano, or as the Quebeckers like to call them, “long espressos” as my wife and daughter have gone off to do something active like skating or skiing, and I’m just left here with some quiet writing time. Oh, look! There goes Bonhomme down the street! Hang on, I’m going to get a pic! (See how easy that was to TRICK you into thinking I just saw Bonhomme? I didn’t see him, you guys. I’m still here on the prairies.)

I could be like that guy in that creepy movie where he dies but he has pre-arranged with a florist to send his widow flowers every year on the anniversary of his death, or on his birthday, or on her birthday, or on their wedding anniversary….or blog anniversary?….Ash Wednesday, maybe? Look, I clearly haven’t seen the movie, but I’m pretty sure that Gerald Butler guy is in it. He goes for those “it’s supposed to be romantic but ends up creepy” kinds of roles. Wasn’t he the Phantom in that terrible Joel Schumacher attempt at recording the musical? Was he guy that was all oiled up in “300”? Three hundred WHAT?, jars of Vaseline? is what I always say.

But don’t worry  gang, I’m not about to write all of 2017’s posts today and dole them out in monthly intervals, AS TEMPTING AS THAT MAY BE. I’m not that organized or clever. Plus, the way the world is going, who knows if there will even be a blog to post to, or an audience to read them, this time next year? I don’t want to get all “doomy and gloomy” on our anniversary, but today Sarah Silverman suggested the military stage a coup to take Donald Trump out. I don’t know if it was joke. It probably was, but the scary thing is that it didn’t actually seem like the craziest idea. Maybe let’s let America go “removal from office through impeachment” route first, though? You guys can go ahead and start that process ANYTIME as far as I am concerned. Don’t wait for me. I checked earlier today, and the shortest serving American president was William Henry Harrison, who served for just a month in 1841. He didn’t wear an overcoat or hat at his outdoor inauguration, and he caught a bit of the sniffles, and GUESS WHAT? Sometimes a cough ISN’T JUST a cough and the dude got pneumonia and died. Now, I’m not saying we should all sneeze on Donald Trump and let nature take its course, but if Trump needs to be remembered for ANYTHING, I’d vote for “shortest serving president”. Congress? You’ve got two weeks. Go.

But enough about politics on this day when we should be celebrating the fact that I figured out how to create a wordpress account six years ago, and that many of you actually read this blog on a semi-regular basis. I may not be updating it at the same frequency as what I have in the past, but it still is fun for me to write and I hope it is mostly fun for you to read.

Look forward to my next post. Who knows when it will go up? If you guessed EXACTLY ONE MONTH FROM NOW at 9:32 pm, you just might be right.


Maintentent, nous sommes six.


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  1. Happy anniversary, travelling friend!

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