That drink now.

“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” The Talmud

There’s a scene in Schindler’s List that comes to mind. Oskar Schindler, a German (and Nazi party member) industrialist during WWII, is trying to make his fortune by running an enamel factory staffed by Jews. During the war, he persuades Nazi officials to allow his workforce to transfer from the enamel factory to work in a munitions factory instead of being sent to death camps. The list of employees is known as “Schindler’s List” and represents the hope of survival. Schindler’s right hand man, Itzhak Stern, runs the factory and there is one scene where they (Schindler and Stern) are up working late and Schindler says, “When this is all over, I’m taking you out for a drink.”

And there’s a pause and Stern delivers the following line, “I think I’ll take that drink now”.

The scene is so well acted between Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley. It’s delicate and has the danger of being overdone but it works. I think it holds special meaning for me because my Uncle Roy bore a striking resemblance to the actor Ben Kingsley. He was born in Poland and fled to Canada as a child with the rise of Nazism so when I watched that movie and especially at that scene, I remembered my dear Uncle Roy, who was the gentlest soul and who loved nature and always took the time to spend time we me and my brother growing up.

I feel that way this week. Let’s have that drink now. I haven’t blogged in 22 days (thanks WordPress for that reminder!), and I think part of the reason was I hoping for something good to happen in the world, (or at least for bad stuff to just stop happening for a bit) to inspire me.

Looking over the last few posts, here are just some of the topics we’ve covered recently: Depression, Death, Cancer, Suicide, and the worst of them all: Droodles. I mean, things have to improve, right? I tried writing something last week, but I was still reeling from the nightclub shooting in Orlando, and I just couldn’t find the humour in anything knowing what had happened. I gave up. Then, yesterday (and I am not equating one with the other but the trend is the same), The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, fed by a campaign drenched with fear and racism. We don’t really know all the ramifications of this historic vote yet, but the spectre of an American President Trump this autumn just grew three sizes overnight.

So, this is the political, social, and personal landscape we are dealing with at the moment, and I’ve tasked myself with writing something light-hearted, questionably entertaining, or just plain goofy (maybe evening mentioning PUBES at some point), but I’m having difficulty focusing.

Maybe I can offer this one thing. One bit of light in all this darkness. Not unlike, I don’t know, a lighthouse? (See next post).




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  1. Lighthouse would be 👌.

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