Trailer 2

Hey gang.

There’s this thing happening in Anaheim right now. It’s a huge Star Wars convention. Apparently upwards of 70,000 Star Wars are congregating at a convention centre to show off their cosplay skills, buy collectables, mingle, seek cuddles, and maybe have snacks. Oh, and there is also the Stanley Cup Playoffs happening in that city too. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks are playing the Winnipeg Jets. Are they called the Mighty Ducks? Or just the Ducks these days? Were they really named for that series of Emilio Estevez movies? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? It would be like MLB authorizing a baseball team called the “Bad News Bears”. I mean, COME ON. Sure, baseball has its share of troubling names and logos. I mean, the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves come to mind. I love that some fans are purposefully choosing gear that doesn’t feature the stereotyped and outright racist imagery, and that some fans have gone even further and removed the patches from their caps and jerseys in protest. It would be difficult for me to support the local team if I lived in Cleveland or Atlanta.

What’s the weirdest MLB team name, do you think? The San Diego Padres? Named after monks? Maybe if Canada got a second team they could be the Montreal Diaconal Ministers. The ol’ MDMs. What would their logo be? A middle-aged lady in a sweater vest? I’m down with it.

But you didn’t come here today to talk about baseball logos, did you? No, I didn’t think so. You came here because you got an email to tell you that there was a new Blog Post from the good people at MBM, and here at the lighthouse we always strive to entertain, inform and delight. In fact, we’ve ordered a stencil to that effect that we’ll be hanging over the main doors of the lighthouse as you enter, but we haven’t quite figured out how to stick it to the curved wall. To be honest, we just aren’t that handy here. Whenever we need to change the light bulb, we have to call a guy. We pretty much sit around on couches reading books and comic books and go on the internet. Sometimes we go for walks, and every once in a while we have people over for meals and visits. But there isn’t much “keepin'” happening with these lighthouse keepers, let me tell you.

Where were we? Oh right. The Star Wars fan explosion. Now if you’re going to be in the middle of a fan explosion, why not make it a Star Wars one, right? I feel like most Star Wars fans are long-suffering. We grew up with the original series and loved the hell out of it. We played with the toys and read the comic books and movie adaptations and were happy with our lot in life. Then the special editions started showing up in 1997, and although we were cautiously optimistic, we were troubled by some of the changes made, represented by the “Who shot first, Han or Greedo?” dilemma. It was Han. It will always be Han.

And then Star Wars fans entered the long dark night of the soul/sith with the release of episode 1 in 1999, followed by episodes 2 and 3 in 2002 and 2005 respectively. The less said about these movies the better, except that in those years, it was really hard to admit being a Star Wars fan. You just kept that to yourself, and if you did have to communicate it, you would draw a little rebel symbol in the sand with a stick, just like the early Christians, to avoid persecution.

And that would have been the whole story, except then Disney turned around and bought Star Wars in 2013 and announced that they were going to make new movies. This was beyond the highest hope of any Star Wars fan. We had resigned ourselves to saying, “Well, at least we have the original trilogy” and leave it at that. Which, technically, we DON’T. The only versions now available to buy are the latter-day special editions, WHICH IS WHY I AM STILL HANGING ON TO MY WIDESCREEN VHS COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY. I shall never give them up, not until the originals are made available once again, at any rate.

All of this is a lead up to the fact that episode 7, The Force Awakens, will be released on Dec 18, 2015 and we now have a second trailer for it, released on Thursday.


In no particular order:

  • Awesome visual of crashed Star Destroyer in the desert
  • Who is Luke talking to? What’s he doing hanging onto Vader’s helmet?
  • That helmet! It’s perfect. The one eyehole is melted to look like a skull eye socket, and the front grill looks like broken teeth. Props to the…….well……..props department on this one.
  • First look at R2-D2, and what I’m assuming is Luke’s sweet new mechanical hand.
  • I’m not 100% sold on these new stormtrooper uniforms, but I guess after 30 years it makes sense they have a tweak.
  • That final shot of Han and Chewie brought actual shivers up my spine. It looks like Chewie just stepped out of the salon. Is he using “Just for Men” products or maybe wookiees don’t age at the same rate as you and me?

Anyway, I’m walking the line of not wanting to see or hear anything else about this movie until I see it in the theatre in December AND WANTING TO KNOW EVERY LAST DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

Which path will I choose? The dark side is quick and easy, as Yoda reminded us. But the light is ultimately more powerful. Come December, shall I be sporting a blue or red lightsaber? Time will tell.


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  1. I’m going to guess the blue one. That’s the good one, right?

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