A perfectly normal morning

You know, there was something about Feb 9th that seemed important to me, but I couldn’t figure it out and it was BUGGING me. It started last week when we had a discrepancy in the work schedule. On most of the schedules, (work talk, you guys), we had our part-time reference person coming in at 5 pm to work the evening shift, but on one of the schedules we had him coming in at 1 pm. Now, the only reason we would have him come in early would be to cover the desk and the number one reason we would need him to cover the desk would be because I would be away busy somewhere. This disturbed me, because I had no record of any meeting for the afternoon of the 9th, and so either the schedule was wrong, or I was missing out on something important. (I’m not the greatest at remembering meetings, sometimes, although I rarely miss one. That’s usually due to the fact that a coworker will email me a day before saying something like, “Do you want to get lunch before the meeting?” and then I panic and click around and see what the hell is happening and then I casually write back, “Sure, sure. Where?”) But this phantom meeting was proving to be a stumper.

I decided that someone must have got the weeks wrong (we DID need our part timer in early last week to help out in a program) so maybe that was it?

We left it at that, and hoped all was well.

But wouldn’t you know, no one thought to call the part-timer to confirm his schedule, and at 1 pm today, as I was walking in, so was the part timer. Of all the schedules he had to consult (the schedule must be posted in like 6 different places in the branch) he found the one that had him starting at 1 pm and ran with it.

I had just finished apologizing/explaining that we didn’t need him and he was halfway to his car in the parking to return home until later tonight when one of my other staff told me they were feeling sick and would very much like to go home early. Well, just like Basil Fawlty, I ran out into the parking (without a jacket, you guys) slipped twice on the ice before catching our part timer just as he was getting to his car. Well, he was happy to get the full day in, despite the fact that I looked like a boob, but I’m okay with that. By the grace of the LORD everything was covered and all was well.


But what was it about February 9? February 5 used to be my parent’s anniversary, February 2 is Groundhog Day, and those are all the February days that I know about.

So it took me by a bit of surprise when I logged into WordPress just now to see this:

Wordpress Anniversary

Four years ago I visited my gum surgeon and didn’t have to pay for parking! You can read all about it here.

So I guess I have THREE things to remember in February now. Interestingly enough, Feb 9 is also the day that Hershey’s Chocolate company came into being (1894) and the American National Weather Service was established (1870). Before that day, America didn’t have any weather at all. Or should I say, no change of seasons. It was always about 22 degrees Celsius by noon with a slight breeze from the west REGARDLESS OF THE TIME OF YEAR. Also, before 1894, if you wanted Chocolate, you could only get Cadbury’s FRUIT AND NUT bars. (It’s not even fruit, you guys, it’s raisins).

And before February 9, 2011 there was no Mountains Beyond Mountains. The internet was a rather flat and dry place. We’re like a cross between a nice piece of dark chocolate (no raisins) and a stiff breeze coming in off the coast. A chocolate breeze, if you will. (Please don’t go to the urban dictionary from here.) We here at the ol’ lighthouse strive to keep you informed and entertained (with varying degrees of success, obviously), but we are definitely grateful for all the readers, whether you are regular or casual. I appreciate knowing that you are out there, reading these goofy ramblings, and if they put a smile on your face or even cause an occasional “laugh out loud” then that makes it all worthwhile.

And apparently February 9th is also “toothache day”, whatever that means. which also seems oddly appropriate since it was a visit to my gum surgeon that kicked this whole thing off four years ago.


Also, I hear that toothaches are the leading complaint resulting from a “chocolate breeze”. (Don’t look it up!)

birthday cake


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  1. Happy anniversary! 🍫🌀

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