What a week, huh? Or what a month, if you prefer. Or two months. It’s all been nuts.

It seems like just last week that I had a free afternoon with nothing better to do than go for lunch and walk around downtown, poking in shops and what not. We stopped for coffee at one point and the coffee shop had a newsletter from the one little “Art House” movie theatre left in town. I used to go to this place all the time back in the day, but haven’t been to a movie there in quite some time. Perhaps the last time I was there was when they were showing that Tom Thomson documentary. Careful readers may even remember I wrote a blog post about that night, and how I couldn’t drum up anyone to go with me, and even my MOM bailed on me so I went alone.
I’m fine, everyone. It turned out fine.
But what I’m getting at is that as I flipped through the catalogue of movies, and it wasn’t last week. It was the end of AUGUST and there were SO MANY that looked good, I had this crazy idea that I would make September and October my “art house moving going” time and go out and see as many of these things as I could.
Well, here we are at November 1st, and I am sad to report that I didn’t get out to ONE DAMN MOVIE there. But why not reflect on the past? Here are the movies that I was going to see. I wonder if they were any good?

Obvious Child (September 6): I’ve heard good things about this one, people, and I think I like that Jenny Slate lady.

Snowpiercer (October 9): A futuristic dystopian fable set on a motherfuckin’ train, everybody! And it’s directed by a Korean, so you know it’ll be messed up. (And of course I’m basing my opinion on two pieces of Korean Pop Culture: Pasta, a Korean soap which I HAVE NOT SEEN but which I have on good authority is cray. And “Old Boy” this one Korean movie I saw one time that was kind of upsetting). Silver lining: I’ve ordered it for the library so maybe one winter’s eve we can get some Biddidbymmbop and some Korean style sushi and watch this in the comfort of the MBM screening room?

Life Itself (Sept 12): I realize these aren’t going in chronological order, everyone. I’m just going by the schedule, who knows how those guys do it? They’re artsy. So yeah, Life Itself started as a documentary about film critic, journalistic and writer Roger Ebert who had the poor sense to DIE mid-filming, so the movie is just like a half an hour long or something. But still, I loved that Roger Ebert guy. I think he was one of the first guys I ever followed on twitter and always enjoyed reading his reviews. I never really felt like my opinion on a film was cemented until I knew what Roger Ebert thought. So, yeah. I’d like to see this one, but maybe I should just grow up and read his memoir by the same name? I hear it is also excellent.

Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago (September 25): You guys, I know not one but TWO people who travelled from Canada to Spain this fall to walk the Camino. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER, and yet they were mere days apart. I kept hoping one would over take the other one and then it would turn into a foot race, an ambulatory and spiritual cannonball run, with less Dom DeLuise (god rest his soul) and Bert Reynolds (is he still alive?). But that didn’t happen, and I DIDN’T GET TO SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY ABOUT 6 PEOPLE DOING IT* so I guess I’ll never know how it turns out. *(by “doing it” I of course meant “walking the camino, you pervs”).

Björk: Biophilia Live (October 24): Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know what’s going on with Björk. I’ve got a couple of her CDs, and I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. I’m just not sure……but you know what? There’s something about Iceland that intrigues me, and watching a live concert documentary about Björk might be just the thing I need to finally “get” her. It will be my musical Rosetta Stone. Here’s the description “Recorded Live at Björk’s show at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2013 the film features her and her band performing every song on “biophilia” and more using a broad variety of instruments-some digital, some traditional, and some completely unclassifiable.” Oh Björk, you crazy, unclassifiable lady. I want to know more about you and your mysterious island nation. Also, typing ALT-0246 to achieve the o with the umlaut is kind of fun. Try it, you’ll like it!

So there you have it, 5 movies in 8 weeks that I would have enjoyed seeing but DID NOT. If only we could turn the old clock back to August and take another run at it, huh? But we can’t, can we? We’ve just got to move ahead, önward (I did it again!) and all that. I didn’t even get the November/December program, because I’m better off not knowing what I am missing.

Happy November, everyone! Let’s try to turn it all around.



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  1. Sheila

    I can’t believe its November!

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