A momenteous occasion

I think I may have just had my first complete phone conversation with my daughter, Audrey, age 4. Sure, I’ve talked to her on the phone before, but it’s always been a part of a bigger conversation with an adult. Either I’m talking to my wife and Audrey ambles into the room and wants to say “Hi”, or maybe she picks up the phone first and talks a bit of nonsense before my wife wrests the phone away from her.

But today was different.

I was running a bit behind: a late night followed a bit of a sleep in, so I didn’t have time to actually thank  my wife for a lovely breakfast. Even though it was a workday, she had got up before me and made WAFFLES and coffee. We were busy talking about other, more pressing, important stuff and I was out the door and on my way to work before I realized I didn’t even thank her for doing something special, (or doing anything at all, actually.) Breakfast for me, if I even have it at all, usually consists midweek of a banana and maybe a piece of toast if I’m lucky.

So I called home when I got to work just to say “thanks” and Audrey picked up. What follows is the transcript, although the NSA and CSIS probably already have a transcript. I hope you enjoy it, spooks!


Audrey: “Hello?”

Me: “Oh hi Audrey. How are you? Is Mom there?”

Audrey: “Mommy is having a shower. I’m watching Boo’s Coos! [sp]”

Me: “That’s nice. What’s that Steve up to today?”

Audrey: “Steve is silly, Dada”.

Me: “Yeah, he is, isn’t he? He wears a bit thin after a while.”

Audrey: [SILENCE]

Me: “So anyway, I was just calling to thank Mommy for that nice breakfast. Wasn’t it nice?”

Audrey: “I’ll tell her you said thanks when I see her.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Um, thanks. Well, have a great day. I love you!”

Audrey: “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”


A few minutes later, my wife called, and sure enough: She had been in the shower, and Audrey did pass on my thanks. So I guess we’re in a stage now where I can call home and can actually talk to my daughter and have a sort of meaningful exchange. [Cue poignant music]

So anyway, I wanted to write it down, and since my journal is at home, I guess I’ll share it with all of you. Onward, right?



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2 responses to “A momenteous occasion

  1. So sweet. Good thing someone selling something didn’t call!

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