Alicia Keys and the Berry Pomegranate Mio affair

There have been a couple of ads running recently that I can’t stop thinking about, and I thought maybe I should share this with you. You’ve probably seen both of them, but here’s the first one:

I don’t know what Mio is, and I’m sure I won’t ever try it. It looks like food colouring that has some sugar in it. Kool aid for adults? But I have to tell you, there’s something bloody addictive about this ad. I have to watch it whenever it comes on, and I’ve probably seen it a dozen times and I STILL notice little things about it. (for example, I only recently saw the pizza clock. brilliant!) There’s just something about those two dudes: I don’t know if it is their voices, or their costumes or what, but there’s some irrational part of me that thinks that it will end differently each time. I’ve taken to saying “Berry Pomegranate Mio” in a monotone voice around the house, much to my wife’s displeasure. It’s just a bit of fun, yes?

The other ad is much more troubling to me. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Okay, so this guy gets dumped and his girlfriend tells him he’s BORING. So what does he do? He goes online at a time when’s he’s most vulnerable and signs up for some shitty “platinum” credit card (that probably charges some exhorbinant annual fee) to try to prove to himself that he is, in fact , NOT boring. So he heads out to an art gallery (boring), takes some weird cooking class with some celebrity chef (boring) and perhaps the saddest thing of all is that he gets tickets to an Alicia Keys concert. Alicia Keys, people! The statistically proven most BORING singer OUT THERE. And to top it all off, this poor sap thinks he’s sticking it to his ex-girlfriend because he gets to do all these fun things now. Only thing is that he’s PAYING to do all these things: it’s not like Alicia Keys would be hanging out with this guy any other way. He’s paid his money and he gets his photo with her, and that’s it. Sure, his girlfriend was mean and he is probably way better without her, but DUDE, come on. Getting a credit card and paying for all this “front of the line” shit isn’t the answer.

The only plus I guess is that the song that Alicia Keys sings in this commercial, “Girl on Fire” is sort of stuck in my head now, and may be the only thing to combat my “Berry Pomegranate Mio” rut. There’s HOPE, people.


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One response to “Alicia Keys and the Berry Pomegranate Mio affair

  1. vik

    u have to pay attention to the pic on the cubicle wall.. the fuck is up with the rolling eyes??

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