The Hunt for Golden October

Well, it’s here. October 1st. We lurched through September and our reward is October, a much better month, yes? There is no “Back to School” to deal with in October, or “end of summer” angst. The transition has pretty much transitioned. There’s no getting around it: we’re into autumn here and every warm sunny day is a gift and a blessing until the month climaxes with Halloween and then we’re into bleak November. But now we’re getting into Michael McIntyre territory, aren’t we?

For some reason I’ve noticed the fall colours more this year than any other year I can remember. I noticed the change a couple of weeks ago when we were out in Alberta. We drove into the mountains and all was green. Two days later, yellow and orange started to show itself on the lower slopes. My cousins call this “peas and carrots”. When we got back home, the change was in full swing.

Some years we have a later fall and then a lot of rain or a big wind storm and the leaves are down before you even realize it. We’ve had an unusual combination of warm sunny days with little wind so far this season. Combine this with me trying to get out there and get some “walks in” has resulted in some beautiful moments in nature. In autumn, jazz makes the most sense. “Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness” and all that, yes?

Now, I hear the voices of concern from the readership. “Dear LORD, how long is he going to be going on about fall colours? When is he going to get to the good stuff?”

Well, if you want the good stuff, you’re going to have to become a member of the platinum circle, friend. This is what you get on the free side, baby: just some guy ruminating about the change of season, peering out his living room window.

The truth is, I have a number of things I could write about: volunteering at my daughter’s nursery school today; beloved neighbours Don and Jean moving away and our frantic discussions as to whether we should put an offer in on their home; a trip in the country yesterday to the early sitting of a genuine, honest to goodness, fowl supper; a visit from a 13-year-old German exchange student and the back story that led up to it; my thoughts on the impending post-season, to name a few.

The truth is, I can’t really decide on which one to write, which one deserves the most attention, or would potentially get the best response from the fanbase.

The truth is, I’m unsettled. As unsettled as the golden leaves falling, falling, falling outside my window.


Ladies and gentleman: Mr. Dave Brubeck!



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