Exit through the thrift shop

Every day our daughter seems to learn a new word, or do something unexpected. These little discoveries always amaze me. Most recently, Audrey’s been discovering her artistic side. I love this, since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I stopped taking “Art” in grade 6, and I can still only really draw stick people. My wife, on the other hand, is a wondeful water-colourist, so our daughter’s burgeoning talent is obviously being nurtured by her. Or if you believe nature has something to do with it, then you can probably make a case that Banksy is our daughter’s biological father. Mystery solved!

Most of the art seems to be made with found objects, like the kind of stuff you might find in a thrift store. Some of it is pretty abstract.

I found this one stuck on our bathroom door. I'm calling it "Angry Bird".

The artist experimenting with performance art. The next Amanda Palmer, maybe?


Mixed media. "The Sad Pumpkin of Life"

A little collage work in the style of Art Hansen.



"The Pool" 1915, Tom Thomson and "Untitled" 2011, Audrey


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