A perfect morning

Ever have one of those days that just seems to start perfectly and gets better as it goes along? This has been one of those days for me. I woke up before my alarm went off, and I had a few precious moments to lay in bed before I had to begin my day. A rare thing. First event: I had to see Dr. Moreau (not her real name) a gum surgeon whose history belongs in an entirely separate blog post. Maybe one day I’ll write the whole sordid story, but for now all you need to know is that she tends to be either super positive and kind, or cold and mean. I never know which version I’ll get until I’m tilted back in the chair and the bright light turned on. She came in and had a quick look in my mouth and said “Its looking really good, Trevor”, and then touched my shoulder gently. She said I do not need to see her again until November. I virtually danced out of the office, joking and smiling warmly at the receptionist. When I went to pay for my parking, it turned out that I was in too short a time to have to pay anything. I had never had this happen to me before, and I didn’t question it, I just waved to the man in the booth and got back on the street.

Next stop was my annual meeting with my financial advisor. It went as well as you can imagine. I know little to nothing about long term financial matters, but everyone there seemed happy with what was happening, and I guess so was I. The best part about it was that I got my parking validated! So that means I parked twice this morning downtown for free! The goodness didn’t stop there. I realized I hadn’t had breakfast yet, and lo and behold across the street from my financial advisor was “The Don” restaurant. This was a place I hadn’t even heard about two weeks ago. I had a good breakfast there with family and friends recently, and since the old parking was validated, why not? Well, to my surprise I was greeted by someone who I literally haven’t seen in years. A good friend from the junior and high school days, Amber has been working at “The Don” since just before Christmas. I had caught up with her on Facebook, but having a visit “face to face” was unexpected and lovely. The French Toast and sausage special did the trick, and the coffee perked me up. This was all before 10 am! The rest of the day unfolded in the usual manner, and a couple of stressful meetings in the afternoon would normally put me off, but the good-will generated from this perfect morning carried me through, and when I got home at the end of the day, supper was coming out of the oven. It was homemade Jamie Oliver lasagna with garlic bread.

What a day!



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